Eating Vegan In Seville, Spain

I was surprised by the vegan options in Seville, and it’s much more affordable than Barcelona for eating out!

We landed in Seville in the evening. Our first meal was in a local tapas bar to our airbnb, La Bartola. It’s not exclusively vegan, but they have clear vegan options on the menu. Out of all I highly recommend their hummus, sangria and their tempura sushi – a first… but it was so good.

Left to right: Tempura Sushi, Fried Rice Dish, Zucchini Parcels.

For breakfast the next day, again super close to our airbnb, was a place called Milk Away, which I believe is vegetarian and vegan. They mainly do smoothies, acai bowls, toast, porridge and other simple breakfast meals, for a really decent price. A coffee and bowl of porridge worked out at around five euros.

We went here for breakfast twice, one for chocolate porridge, and another time for peanut butter porridge. Cheap and cheerful, and filling!

The next dinner was at Arte y Sabor, where we were able to sit outside with our dinner and Sangria. They have a good selection of vegan options, including patatas bravas and vegan seitan kebabs.

During our time in Seville, we also ate at Amorino for ice cream / sorbet, and Cocome for a really good salad and wrap bar (I didn’t take a photo here, but I do recommend). I did go for an acai bowl at No Piqui, but it wasn’t as good as the acai bowls I’ve had in Barcelona…

Our final meal was at Habanita, which was tasty, although the most expensive tapas we had in Seville – and I would have preferred to eat at La Bartola again if we were to do it again. Their beans and rice, and apparent patatas bravas pictured below…

Overall Seville was stunning, sunny and a really great place to visit. I recommend, even if you don’t like olives or sangria.

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