Eating Vegan in Barcelona

This trip to Barcelona was my second time there, and it was a quick weekend trip for my friend’s birthday. Barcelona has some of the best vegan spots, and I ate the same lasagne I had 2 or 3 years ago – it was just as good as I remembered.

Our first stop was Demasié which we had found on instagram for vegan cinnamon rolls. Enough said. They also do vegan pizza and a few other flavoured rolls depending on the day. Highly recommend a visit.
Their plastic is all compostable, which is good to see.

Straight after, a few doors down, we went to The Cream BCN for little ice cream pots. They offer a bunch of vegan flavours, but it’s not exclusively vegan. Below left is the biscoff caramel and oreo cookie flavours.

Top right is one of the acai bowl options from Vegan Bowls, which offer acai bowls, avocado toast, lunch savory bowls, donuts, pretzels… it’s a really small spot near Flax & Kale, but it’s really good!

Flax & Kale is one of my favourite spots in BCN, it’s not cheap, but the food and coffee is really good. We got to sit on their upstairs garden patio, which was really cute.

Teresa Carles is part of the same group as Flax & Kale, and it offers my favourite lasagne in the world… I’d go back to BCN just for the lasagne.

The hummus was also great but I just can’t get over the lasagne.

For a more affordable meal, I’d recommend Veggie Garden. We hugely over-ordered as we didn’t realise the portions would be so generous, but we managed to eat nearly all of it!

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