Eating Vegan In Seattle

When we eventually arrived in Seattle (& paid a small fortune for parking!) we made it to Veggie Grill. We fell in love with Veggie Grill and their buffalo wings in California so we had to come back.

For breakfast we went out for an acai bowl from Verve Bowls – which was kind of difficult to find when we were researching breakfast options. I don’t like to have big breakfasts due to my IBS, as it can ruin my day if I have a heavy or full of gluten breakfast – a small(ish) healthy breakfast felt few and far between in Portland and Seattle. I say this but we again went for donuts after, at Mighty O Donuts.

Our last meal in Seattle was at Loving Hut, as it was in walking distance from our airbnb and I was so bored of driving after nearing 1,500 miles in two weeks. We both went for pad thai and gyoza to start. Loving huts are cheap and easy for vegan food!

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