Eating Vegan In Portland

Literally the first place went to when we arrived in Portland after driving to Cannon Beach from Seattle airport was Homegrown Smoker. Sadly it was closed we had to come back the next day, but the dedication was there.

We then found Native Bowl on the way to our airbnb, which had such good food (& cute dogs),

The next day we went to Prasad for breakfast, where the coffee was crazy strong but the food was huge and really tasty. I love a vegan chilli breakfast scramble. I wanted to come back and try the waffles but we didn’t have enough time in the city! It’s not far from Powell’s bookstore too.

After breakfast we went to Voodoo Donut where they have a pretty good vegan selection, and it was probably one of my favourite donuts on the trip but there’s some mixed reviews out there saying they’re overrated.

For dinner, we made it to Homegrown Smoker for their crunchwrap special. I am not joking when I say it took me two days to eat this monster.

We spent a day out hiking with home cooked food, but we did manage to try more of Portland’s vegan donuts from Doe Donuts for our drive up to Seattle!

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