Eating Vegan In Banff & Calgary

We spent most of this trip in the car, especially in Banff National Park, so we didn’t eat out too much for a two week trip. There was some incredible vegan food & restaurants available in all three main areas – we were spoilt for choice!


While staying in Canmore & Banff, I’ll be honest, we mainly existed on Cliff bars and chips & dip… we were constantly hiking or en route to the next lake, so it was convenient food & snacks, and then we would cook in our airbnb for dinner.

We did however go for lunch in Banff at Nourish Bistro – which is all vegetarian with vegan options. Highly recommend a visit!
We had cheese covered jalapeños to start, Nathan had the vegan burger & I went for the poutine. Nathan said the burger was one of the best he’s had.


We spent half a day in Calgary before our flight to Seattle, we went straight out for lunch to kill some time before we could check in at our hotel to dump our luggage. We found Wise & Wright near a mall, which had some really nice vegan options on their menu – they also compost or recycle all of their waste which is so good to see in comparison with a lot of quick eat in restaurants.

Not the prettiest photo but it was tasty!

Dinner was a bit more difficult to find locally to where we were staying, as our hotel was closer to the airport than downtown. We tried looking into ordering but gave up after a while due to UK phone numbers etc…

We found Heart Choices not too far from our hotel, and went for satay dippers, jackfruit poutine & a chinese “beef” bowl.

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