Vegan Eats In Dubrovnik, Croatia

We visited Dubrovnik at the end of April for three days. The first day the weather was beautiful, sadly the second & third days were much cloudier and a little rainy at times!

We stayed near Lapad in Hotel Kompas, which is about an hour walk to the centre of Old Town – or a 10 minute uber.

I did a little research into available vegan food in Dubrovnik – and didn’t have too much luck other than Nishta – which unfortunately isn’t open on Sundays!

We had breakfast included at the hotel, so we only had to find lunch and/or dinner. The first day we walked back to our hotel for dinner time, so found somewhere nearby that could veganise their vegetarian options.

We settled on Chihuahua Cantina Mexicana – who took the dairy out of their vegetarian burritos, and served vegan starters. It was spicy but it was tasty!

The second day we grabbed ice cream after a long walk to Old Town from Sladoledarna. It’s very popular and most of their fruit flavours are vegan friendly, you just need to ask! We had booked a table at Nishta so visited some Game Of Thrones scenes while we were waiting.

I highly recommend a visit to Cogito Coffee Shop which serves vegan ice cream and coffees!

At Nishta, they have different menus for different days – but you can get their great nachos every day. We went on a Monday, so each had the seitan chilli for lunch. Definitely recommend a visit to Nishta.

Once we were all walked out and back at the hotel, we were too tired to find somewhere to eat. Thankfully, the hotel had vegan pasta on their menu so we ordered room service! It was delicious.

Day three was my birthday, so we went to the hotel bar to have cappuccinos and their vegan mango cheesecakes, which were so good.

The hotel actually put a cake in my room while we were at the pool. Unfortunately it wasn’t vegan – but they quickly replaced it with more of the cheesecakes!

After a trip to Tresno for the day, we had dinner local to the hotel, up the stairs on top of the Mexican themed restaurant we went to before! They had lots of vegetarian options that you can veganise, although a little pricey for alright food. We had tofu and cous cous, with spring rolls – with raw vegetables inside.

Overall, vegan food in Dubrovnik was not cheap and a little difficult to find a good tasty meal! It wasn’t impossible, and I can see why some people visit Nishta multiple times on their trip!

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