Vegan Eats In Venice, Italy

We visited Venice in early February and it was so good to see blue skies – and break up the constant grey back home in the UK! I was a little worried about finding accessible (and affordable!) vegan food in Venice, but we were surprised by the options.

The supermarket was somewhat confusing to navigate in terms of finding vegan food and options, but we did manage to find some chocolate filled croissants and dinner options to make in the Airbnb. On the topic of vegan croissants – there’s a cafe called Dolce Vita where you can order lattes and filled croissants! It’s really affordable too, only a few euros. We went twice.

I’m gluten intolerant so Italy is always a bit risky, but we still found some great pizza options. We tried Bella&Brava, and Pizzeria l’Angelo – the latter being our favourite. They have each have more than one vegan option on the menu too which is great.

No trip to Italy is incomplete without Gelato. We walked around tried to find a few options but ended up going back to Gelatoteca Suso twice as their gelato was so good and creamy. There was a large queue most days, so I can imagine it must be really busy in the Summer!

Last but not least, I 100% recommend the walk to La Tecia Vegana – the only 100% vegan restaurant in Venice. We went for lunch both had the lasagne, and shared a tiramisu. Their cappuccinos were insanely good, and the food was delicious!

Overall Venice was lovely! On the last day we had pretty much done everything we’d planned to do, so ended up back at Dolce Vita for coffee and croissants before our boat back to the airport. It’s beautiful in Venice and I look forward to seeing more of Italy.


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